Things To Know About Platinum

Things To Know About Platinum

One of the most asked questions about purchasing jewellery is which is better, gold and platinum? Continue reading to find out things to know about platinum before you do your next jewellery purchase. If you missed the gold article we have, please Click here to read about gold.


Platinum can be used at its virtually pure form of 95% compare to 18K gold at 75%. Even though there are 22k gold (92%) and 24k gold (99%) available, they are not commonly used on stone set jewellery because they are considered as “too soft”.

There are options of lower purity platinum jewellery available in the market for affordability. However High quality platinum jewellery is to be made from alloy with 95% platinum.

At its highest purity of 95%, Platinum jewellery is consider as hypoallergenic which is suitable for someone with very sensitive skin. In saying that, keep in mind that there are hypoallergenic white gold option is available. At Gevery, we also offer white gold jewellery with palladium-based alloy, nickel free, on our Made To Order range.


Platinum can withstand the demand of everyday wear. It is a very strong and durable however it is not scratch resistance. All metal can be scratched when it contacts with other metal. However, instead of losing its property when scratched like gold, platinum will displace the metal. This makes platinum wear down or become thin at a much slower pace than gold. You will notice that engraving or fine details on old platinum ring stay remain crisp and defined overtime.

Platinum is more rigid than gold, which means it cannot be bent easily. This quality makes platinum a great choice of metal for stone set jewellery as it will hold the stones more securely than gold. 

Weight and density

Platinum is a denser metal than gold. To put in perspective, 950 platinum alloys are around 40% heavier than 18k gold alloys. It means that there is more platinum used compared to gold in order to make the same ring. For example, same plain ring weighting 5 gms in 18K gold will weight around 7 gms in platinum. Therefore, platinum jewellery feels more substantial and luxurious compared to same jewellery pieces made in other metals.

However since platinum is a dense metal and it is being used in its almost purest form compared to gold. 95% in most platinum alloys compared to 75% in 18K gold and 92% in 22K gold. This makes platinum jewellery is generally more expensive than gold jewellery.


No question, Platinum is rarer than gold! This together with other quality platinum offers has given it a prestige status in precious metal.

Cost of manufacturing

As luxurious as platinum is, it is also harder to work with. It has a higher melting point than gold and also requires higher skilled craftsman to work with it. There is also different set of tools required to work with platinum. Therefore labour cost in making platinum jewellery is higher than gold.

Any scraps of platinum cannot be re-melted and used again like gold, it needs to be sent to a refiner. This will add more cost to the manufacturing process .

Since platinum is not a very flexible metal in tern of its re-usability. It is not as widely in demand compare to gold or even silver. This is also another factor contributes to the higher price of platinum jewellery.


With its naturally white in colour, platinum doesn’t require a routine rhodium plating like white gold does. Although, it does require routine polishing to keep its shininess. Keep in mind regarding platinum’s melting points and skills required to work on it, cost to polish platinum rings usually comes pretty close to cost of polishing and rhodium plating combined on the white gold piece.


Comparing with gold, Platinum has more prestige status as jewellery piece. However, gold is better investment asset. It holds its value better than platinum. That is because it has higher demand in the market therefore it is widely traded. Gold can be easily melted and made into another piece or sold as a bullion.

Now you should have a better understanding about platinum. Keep all these points in mind when you do your next jewellery shopping. There is really no right or wrong whether you pick gold or platinum. It all comes down to what you are looking for in that particular jewellery piece. Happy shopping!

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